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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

XFce 4.2.beta release...

I have upgraded my xfce desktop to the beta release. maganda na mga
icons, etc nya ngayon. of course, it is still lightweight

Installing Xfce 4.2 BETA1 (ref: ref:
1. Simple instructions for debian
1.1 Uninstall Xfce 4.0.x
# apt-get remove --purge libxfce4util-1
1.2 Remove or rename any existing ~/.xfce4 directory,
$ mv ~/.xfce4 ~/dot.xfce4-4.0
1.3 The startup process of Xfce has changed. If you've used the
xfce4_setup to setup Xfce 4.0 as your desktop, you'll probably have
to remove the files .xsession and .xinitrc in your home directory.
1.4 add the following sources
deb binary/
deb-src source/
1.5 update sources list
# apt-get update
1.6 Install the Xfce 4.2 core desktop components, if you removed any
Xfce 4.0 as mentioned above or if Xfce wasn't installed previously.
# apt-get install -t binary xfce4
1.7 upgrade xfce 4.0.x
# apt-get upgrade
1.8 Ror xdm users, create a file .xsession in your home directory with
the following content
exec /usr/bin/startxfce4
make .xsession executable
(chmod +x ~/.xsession).
1.9 for startx users, log in to your X desktop, create a file .xinitrc
in your home directory with the content
exec /usr/bin/startxfce4
1.10 mark the file executable (chmod +x ~/.xinitrc)
1.11. GANDA ng XFCE ngayon!!!!

I messed up its config file yesterday. I reverted to default xfce4
beta 2 settings by:
1. for the specific user
a. cd $HOME/.cache/
b. mkdir temp
c. mv * temp

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