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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Commission on ICT's existence

Commission on ICT's existence

The Commission on Information Commission and Technology was created early this year to be the government's highest policy making body on information and communication. Since its existence it has initiated efforts to align ICT policies with the current medium term development plan of the GMA regime. It has recently showed that it is more biased to the demands of the Business Software Alliance than FOSS advocates.

CICT was created by virtue of an Executive Order of GMA. In its Congress budget briefing however, Cong. Paraz questioned its existence. The Congressman insisted that only Congress can create Commissions (like COMELEC, etc). Therefore, since CICT do not exist (based on the constitution), it should not get any budget allocations. while i really don't like mr. pena, i symphatized with him as he leave the seat for the briefing.

Again who's to blame for such circumstances? Again, this shows that GMA regime has just pay lip service in developing ICT for the benefit of the people. CICT is needed such that the government has a central body formulating and implementing ICT policies. CICT was supposed to centralize ICT efforts of different government departments.

We know the benefits of ICT. But if the GMA regime would not fully support its development, this regime is missing a very important tool for the countries progress.

If the CICT is not legally created, NCC or DOST-ASTI then should assume its role. Whoever assumes the role should be again supportive to Free and Open Source/Malayang Software.

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