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Monday, March 14, 2005

Physics and Me

Medyo matagal din panahon bago kami naging matagumpay rito. Part of this publication was my BS Physics thesis at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines.


Confined Quantum Time of Arrivals
Authors: Eric A. Galapon, Roland F. Caballar, Ricardo T. Bahague Jr
Comments: The figures are not included--they are too large to upload. Please email for the figures
Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. Let. 93, 180406 (2004)

We show that formulating the quantum time of arrival problem in a segment of the real line suggests rephrasing the quantum time of arrival problem to finding states that evolve to unitarily collapse at a given point at a definite time. For the spatially confined particle, we show that the problem admits a solution in the form of an eigenvalue problem of a compact and self-adjoint time of arrival operator derived by a quantization of the classical time of arrival, which is canonically conjugate with the Hamiltonian in closed subspace of the Hilbert space.


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