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Monday, October 10, 2005


i'm posting a comparison of these two open source databases from the postgresql list. I'm a postgresql convert by the way. :-)


Hi everyone,

I've just got back from LinuxWorld in London and seeing this thread thought
I would share my experience of the MySQL stand - if you are of a delicate
dispostion, please look away now. I basically asked them straight up why I
should use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL and was quite surprised by the
result, mainly since it was not done on features but more on FUD. The basic
message was this:

- MySQL is the most popular open source database, with over 6m
"enterprise" installs, with a large company supporting it. PostgreSQL is run by a very small community of developers.

- MySQL can be clustered (This was later retracted when I mentioned I needed something that would work on large tables, as apparently their clustering only works in RAM and so will fail on large queries and queries that use a lot of joins).

- All the companies that have tried to operate by selling PostgreSQL support services have gone bankrupt, except for EnterpriseDB.

- PostgreSQL doesn't have row level locking. And this last comment really took the biscuit - I really hope that the none of the core team read this and decide to throw in the towel:

"MySQL has the biggest collection of database experts... Open source people don't know how to write databases"

So all in all, to say I was upset by some of these comments was an understatement. To all the people I spoke to on the PostgreSQL stand, I hope I did it in a way that made them feel empowered to go and try the PostgreSQL for their own applications by mentioning its benefits, and not by spreading FUD about its competition.


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