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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Transparency in Beryl 2.0

I've been running Beryl; 2.0 for a month now on a Gateway with Debian GNU/Linux. I'm using Paralells to do tests on Windows XP. Transparency has been an a good and pretty feature of Beryl. But with parallels, it becomes annoying. So far after a few searches on google I found this solution:

1. Shut down Parallels if it is running.
2. Open Beryl Settings Manager.
3. Click on the Window Management icon on the top bar.
4. Locate the plugin (left-side) called "Set Window Attribs by various criteria".
5. Turn on the plugin by putting an x in the box next to the plugin icon (left), and click on the icon to show the options to the right.
6. Find the drop-down rule called "Disable ARGB visual" and click the triangle next to it to reveal it's options.
7. Click on the + symbol on the right hand side.
8. In the pop-up window, select "Window Class" from the left drop down. Make sure the check box called "Disable ARGB visual is checked, and enter "parallels-linux" (no quotes) in the text box.
9. Hit the OK button. Back on the Beryl Settings window you should see "c:parallels-linux:1" in the Disable ARGB visual box.

The above now gives me a prettier desktop.

ref: Problem with Parallels on

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