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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Upgrade Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon on December of later

I just finished reinstalling feisty fawn version of ubuntu and will stick with it until the next release on April 2008 or early next year. I am a bit frustrated with the lack of thorough tests of the upgrades from feisty to gutsy.

For some reasons HAL, DBUS and GDM are running against each other on who will first to wake up upon boot. Unfortunately DBUS can not catch up with the two even with changes in the rc scripts. This error made me idle the whole night yesterday and until earlier when feisty was installed.

If you experience this same problem there are lots of suggestions in launchpad but nothing worked for me.

Hal failed to initialize
This link suggests:

okay after reading the above mentioned bug report it would appear that Dbus needs to start before Hal and GDM last. so the oder would be
With a fresh install of Gutsy I looked in the "/etc/rc2.d/" folder and found
So I renamed S12hal with
'sudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S12hal /etc/rc2.d/S13hal'
Then I did a
Sudo Reboot

but you can only do this when the recovery kernel is used during boot-up.

There are other suggestions in google but all following the above directions.

For upgraders, specially if you would not want to mess with the console, I suggest that we wait for a couple of months after this release and have ubuntu update the errors so we can happily do an apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade. But if your excited with the new things in gutsy just do a clean install of the version.

I have not experience these things in debian upgrades on my servers.


Roy C. Choco, FCD said...


may ganitong problem din ba sa Kubuntu? Nasira ko na naman kasi kagabi yung display setting ko kaya ni-reconfigure ko ulit yung xorg. Balita ko, sa gutsy may gui na kaya inaabangan ko sana ito.


rbahaguejr said...

dahil galing sila sa isang base at ang problem ay nde pa sa desktop environment.. baka ganun din problem. Pero wala pa ako gaano naririnig sa mga upgraders. 2 pa lang kame naka-experience ng ganito.

enhanced lang ung gui para sa Xconfiguration kaya mas ok na rin gamitin. i just never figured out kung bakit black ang screen ko kapag projector gamit. hehe..

balitaan mo ako sa kubuntu upgrade. Pero kung clean install ka baka swabe at walang problema.


Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

Baka nga kailangan ko na nga mag-upgrade,

Pag-uwi ko, pag bukas ng pc 640x480 ang screen resolution ng monitor ko, hindi nag-permanent yung ginawa kong settings sa xorg kahapon kaya ni set ko ulit. tapos nag shutdown ako, pag-bukas ko 640 x480 na naman resolution niya.

Nasa ubuntu forums ako ngayon naghahanap ng solusyon sa problemang ito. Kung may tip ka naman, pahingi :).

At least nagsisimula na akong matuto sa mga quirks ng linux.

Ngayong weekend siguro subukan ko na mag upgrade para pag nagka problema, madaming oras para ayusin.