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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Open source to help defend human rights

The title was taken from a tectonic article.

We in CPU is releasing the toolkit as a free software to help human rights organizations not only in the Philippines. It is current being used and still on test by the Alliance for the Protection of People's Rights here in the Philippines. To see the toolkit's capabilities, download their yearend report. All statistics and data were generated using the toolkit karapatan-monitor.

karapatan-monitor repository can be found at A video showcasing its features (though in Filipino, it was created as a training material last june) can be downloaded in the repository.

Source codes will be available before the year ends or early next year. We are is still documenting it for easier modification of volunteers.

Wey got press coverage during the international human rights day celebration last monday.

For the full press release see previous post and

Inquirer Tech has an article on the toolkit

Tectonic online magazine ( also posted an article;
Open source to help defend human rights

Thanks to a Filipino organisation, open source software is once again stepping in to help humanity with the release of a toolkit to assist human rights organisations in monitoring human rights violations.


The toolkit is a bit different from Its focus is more on civil and political rights violations by state elements. although, it can also cover all kind of rights violations. Anyways, download the Philippine Human Rights Situation Report for 2007 from United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions website or at to see how organizations can use reports from this toolkit.

Of course we are still looking for volunteers, email

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