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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Killing all fighters for the people

In just one day, 4 militant leaders of Central Luzon were killed. Ricardo Ramos, Union leader of central Azucarera de Tarlac, Francisco Rivera of Bayan Pampanga and his companions, Dr. Angel David and Von John Maniti, Federico de Leon, chairperson of Piston Bulacan and provincial Chair of Anakpawis; were all sprayed with bullets.

What is happening?

For most people they don't understand or wouldn't understand that there exists a protest movement in the country that advocates farmers' right to land, laborers' right to wage increases, and other fundamental rights. Persons like those mentioned previously are branded as leftist, reds, communists, NPA and all other names with terrorist connotation. They are feared. They are looked down. They are violated. This government and its landlords and capitalists friends want them all killed. As if killing them, will also kill their voices that cries for fundamental rights.

More than 70% of the country's population are farmers. About 60% of the country's agricultural land is owned only by 13% of the population. They big landlords including Cojuangco, Ayala, Floreindo, Zobel, Yulo, Roxas alone own 20% of the total agricultural land of the country. This reality breed to the call for farmers' "right to land" and "land to the tillers". For if you own a piece of land, then you should till it and not use it to bind farmers to poverty and close to slavery if not slavery itself. You don't have to look far for this slavery, hacienda luisita of the conjuangco's pay their farmers and workers with P9.00/week after all deductions. Where in the world will you be able to live with a little over a peso per day? and they expect the farmers to be mum about this injustice? hacienda luisita reaps huge profist every year.

The killings aim to stifle, sow fear, warn and physically disable the organizations that support and leads the above noble calls for the majority of the filipinos. Similar to other killings that happened, (Palparan Killings) indeed, it may take time to replenish the manpower and leadership of this organizations. But it would not kill the people's cry for justice and fundamental rights.


Please spread this call.

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MhacLethCalvin said...

I am troubled that things like these occur before our very eyes. But what is new? Isn't this present even in antiquity?
The horrifying evil leaning of man is just being demonstrated afresh in our time. There is good news however.
The Lord Jesus started a spiritual revolution 2,000 years ago that would one day put an end to this mess we are in. No, I am not a utopian. I am just being factual. These guys who perpetrated this killings will one day give an account for their deeds. But in the meantime... we could do our best and help this country wake up from the moral and spiritual filth we have gotten into. Jesus cared for the spiritual as well as the physical well being of a person. And we who call ourselves his disciples can make that difference by folling the Master's example. God Bless to you!

MhacLethCalvin said...

The last line should read:
And we who call ourselves his disciples can make that difference by following the Master's example. God Bless to you!