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Saturday, April 15, 2006

2nd Drupal Site Uploaded

I started configuring drupal latest release candidate version last night. At first I was getting myself convinced that the stable version is the best to use. I wanted to use the spreadfirefox theme. After following suggestions to resolve its know bugs, I downloaded the latest release candidate and decided to try and use it if it handles the theme correctly.

I have little knowledge on css but i have used php in some web applications which makes me comfortable with css useing phptemplate.

At this time, I have uploaded the drupal site for ppw.

I would say, the latest release has made drupal a more theme-friendly cms. I have used the stable release for CP-Union and settled with the simple leaf theme due to image handling and block placement problems i encountered. But with the soon to be released drupal has made these things easier.

Drupal CMS is my personal choice although i have friends working with joomla. On the latest drupal site i configured, we aim to get more comfortable with it and start deploying it on NGOs.

For references on drupal set-up, visit the following:

1. Drupal themeing blues
2. Designing on Drupal
3. Of course,

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