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Monday, June 11, 2007

Drupal Activities and CP-Union

From CP-Union invitation:

The Computer Professionals' Union with its advocacy for free and open source softwares has been conducting trainings to different grassroots organizations and these efforts are slowly having fruits...

Last february we conducted the first people's orgs boot camp on free softwares with focus on drupal installation and introduction to customizations. This training introduced drupal cms to a few organizations.

Recently, another org joins the list of orgs with successful implementations of drupal. has reimplemented its old all html site into drupal cms. This gives them flexibility in updating content, categories, back-ups, and other drupal advantages. is the leading alternative news website in the country.

During the campaign period of the yet to be concluded national elections, gabriela women's party also deployed a drupal site to help them in the campaigns.

In all these efforts, CPU volunteers have contributed significant role and time.

We would like to invite everyone, knowledgeable of drupal or not, familiar with free softwares or with their proprietary counterparts to join us in CP-Union. Visit our membership page to know how.

Together, we will bring free softwares and ICT to help grassroots organizations. We will eventually be meeting on 14 July 2007 to unite on plans and tasks.

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