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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Creating Screencast with Free Software

Screen capture programs to create screencasts are a great support tool for organizations servicing non-technical clients.

I have been searching an easy to use screen capture tool since january. This will greatly help us in CPU in deploying database programs and demonstrate how-tos more visually. After so many months, I encountered Istanbul. Istanbul is a gnome screen capturing program.

for ubuntu feisty users just apt-get install istanbul.

I created a screencast for the installation of cpu's karapatan-monitor. Another good thing from Istanbul is that it encodes the video on a ogg format.

Karapatan-monitor will also be hosted in We are cleaning up the base and will be posting the source code for comments and enhancement by the free software community.

You can get the installation instruction of karapatan-monitor in screencast at the download section of this project at,

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