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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tor and Privoxy in anonimizing internet browsing and access

This is another tool for people requiring anonimity in web browsing and other online task. Tor and privoxy are free software tools available to them now.

We tested tor and privoxy earlier and confirmed the anonimity it has done to packets coming from the workstation. Below is the test we have done.

Note the IP address of the local provider below. This is the setting sent to the local modem.

Using privoxy now identifies the workstation as somebody

Another test still confirms the new address we got.

Network performance is slower than the usual browsing without tor.

For Ubuntu Gnu/Linux, you can install tor and privoxy using the steps below:

1. apt-get install tor
2. apt-get install privoxy
3. vim /etc/privoxy/config
4. find the line “logfile logfile”. add the line below after it.
5. forward-socks4a/localhost:9050
6. Restart the service
7. sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy restart

you can use tor with the SOCKs proxy enabled on your browser using localhost and port 9050.

follow screenshots here

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