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Monday, July 09, 2007


I slept the whole night since arriving here. The long hours of delayed flights suck all my energies.

They are anticipating the presentation of the system.

Our big area for improvement is on the reporting. Like most php-mysql based database system, this part is always the challenge. On the current beta version we have incorporated a csv export for all reports. We just then train them to pivot tables in an spreadsheet program.

Some possible solutions though is also to use existing java-based reporting tools.

I have experience in openreports and its easy deployment. This would be the most likely route. We have to create a compact installer with it and the current system.
Development should be fast after this presentation. For sure they will have features that they will like to add. Turnaround time should be quick since they will be deploying the current version when they return to their area of work.

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