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Thursday, September 20, 2007

National Broadband Network by the Numbers

Contract price: $329,481,290

* equipments: $194,051,828
* engineering services: $118,605,650
* Managed services: $14.675,507
* price of training: $1,948,505

Payment Scheme:

* 15% advance on the equipments (10 days after)
* Loan agreement between the export-import bank of china
* 50% of the value of relevant shipment

Balance of payment

* 85% of managed services for 18 equal months
* 85% for each training courses
* All others are to be paid with 10-15 days of contract acceptance

Scope of Work

The contractor shall be responsible for the supply, installation, testing and training of purchaser's personnel and commissioning of the Equipment with cooperation of the Purchaser.

Target date of completion

* 36 months

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