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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NBN is all about overpricing, kickbacks and not about services

NBN is all about overpricing, kickbacks and not about services
Computer professionals say Filipinos could have made a cheaper alternative

"The NBN project is really about who will get the kickbacks," said Rick Bahague of the Computer Professionals Union on the ongoing hearing on the controversial National Broadband Network in the Senate. The National Broadband Network is a multibillion peso information technology project. The Department of Transportation and Communications has already computed the supposed huge savings in yearly communications costs if this project is finished.

"Computerizations and improved communication networks are welcome improvements in providing service to the grassroots", adds Bahague. "But it should not be a way for the First Gentleman and his cohorts to get huge kickbacks." The NBN project aims to interconnect 2,295 government agencies and 23,549 municipalities and barangays. The First Gentleman has been recently implicated as the "Mystery Man" in the contract negotiations.

“‭The National Broadband Network, if implemented by a government with genuine interest in serving its population, can indeed enhance the flow of information between national and local agencies. Unfortunately, this administration is primarily interested on sharing the kickbacks.” Bahague added.

The government is not new to deals with such‭ ‬huge networks.‭ ‬The Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute maintains a similar network which interconnects different research institutions nationwide – the ‬Philippine Research,‭ ‬Education,‭ ‬and Government Information Network‭ (‬PREGINET‭). The said network ‬has at least‭ ‬16‭ ‬access points for use of its partners all over the archipelago‭ [‬1‭]‬.‭ ‬On PREGINET,‭ ‬local partners connect to one of the access points which has direct connections to one of the‭ ‬4‭ ‬exchange points.‭ ‬The exchange points are then connected to the ASTI.

"Filipino computer professionals have the competency to implement such a project but the government preferred foreign counterparts. This is one indication that they are really after their own interests rather than implementing the project for the benefit of the people." Rick Bahague added.

*The Computer Professionals' Union is a group of volunteers advocating information technology for the people. CPU has been supporting different grassroots organizations in the use of ICT.

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D' Andallo's said...

It pains me to read this drama of the NBN deal. While the private sector (through GILAS) is trying to populate the whole public high school system with PCs from private individuals and companies, because they cannot wait for the government to do anything about, here is another scam that is really an insult to the Filipino people.

Enough ALREADY! These crooks are unashamedly defending their offices, knowing that to do otherwise would forfeit their kickbacks. In other countries, when these allegations surface, public officials resign. Here, it's fashionable to be brought in for questioning. What kind of people have Filipinos become. And we claim to be the 'only Christian nation' in Asia. I am sure these people profess to be good Catholics and may even go for communion every Sunday. Uggggghhh!

In Australia where the Broadband Connect Project of the government is being implemented, it invited the telco players to give their bids on the proposed $958M project (this is not even AUD1B and land mass of Australia is definitely bigger than the Phils. The bidding process was very transparent and telcos and other providers were given fair opportunities to come up with their bids. They were free to partner and collaborate with each other so they can deliver the best possible solution for the government. The partners complemented each other on areas where they are strong at. So to say that there are no local providers who can partner to develop the best solution for NBN is a load of crap. I am sure that if it is given to the local providers then their kickbacks will not be as big.


If the Philippines were an atheist country, then it would probably be easier to stomach all these corrupt politicians. But they are proud Catholics. It just seems an oxymoron to me. The tragedy of it all is, we Filipinos seem to have conceded to this bigotry.

rd2mms said...

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