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Monday, October 29, 2007

RDX in the Glorietta Blast

I got this from a science mailing list. I seems that indeed a bomb caused the blast in Glorietta.

I saw in the news this morning, this Barrias guy from the PNP, saying that the traces of RDX could have come from the the reaction of Diesel during the explosion. What a clueless guy
. RDX is obtained by reacting *concentrated* nitric acid with hexamine.

(CH2)6N4 + 4HNO3 → (CH2-N-NO2)3 + 3HCHO + NH4+ + NO3-

Halata talagang nagpapalusot na walang bomba.

RDX is a component of C4 comprising up around 91% by weight. C4 can most probably be "accessible" from the military.
Go figure...

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