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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A look at Drupal 6 core features 2

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2. Status Report

After installation a status report can be accessed at Administer->Reports->Status report. A drupal core update warning is present.

Available update will show modules and themes updates from If you have used Ubuntu GNU/Linux which also feature a little orange notifier of update you will not be surprised. This notifier in drupal 6 is one of the ways to have an updated site. At least users are informed.

3. Themes.
There are themes already available for drupal 6. But we should expect more to be ported as more users got a feel of Drupal 6. We are using terrafirma in one of new site under development.

4. Summary in content editor.
I noticed this nice feature. I am not sure if this is already present in 5.x. In the creation of content, the default editor now have a toggle button to add or join a summary to the main content. It breaks the content wherever is the cursor.

5. Defining new action
The trigger module facilitates running user defined actions. It is a simple version of cron perhaps.

6. Menus
Rather than the default expanded menu display in the Administration, Drupal 6 have a simple uncluttered display of existing menus.

7. Drag and drop blocks and menus placement.
Confused with the weight drop box in adding menus and blocks? Just drag and drop with Drupal 6.

8. Contributed module: Views preview. Views and cck are yet to catch up with the core modules. I tested the development branch of the views module and was impressed by the new GUI style in creating views. The GUI is now closer to some database tools in creating queries. This version though for some reason is not yet fully functional.

9. Demo site. Try drupal 6 at CPU's site.

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