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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A look at Drupal 6 core features

I have been using drupal content management system since 2005. Back then, drupal 4.3 was already impressive for its small installation and a range of features that are enough to have a portal in a few hours. I discovered drupal after getting frustrated with the messy administration interface on mambo (months before the split of the mambo and the current joomla developers.) Drupal themes were lacking back then, which of course depending on users' skill, can still be a drawback for some today. No automated install was available on my first drupal implementation. Mambo then already had this feature. But this did not discourage me to continue with drupal.

Three years after, with Drupal 6.0 features (modules), themes and installations are much improved. Introducing Drupal to new users without web programming background is now much easier.

We take a look on the current release of Drupal (version 6.0) and its help to non-developers and creating web portals.

1. Installation
This version has the easiest installation procedure. All are done automagically by the install scripts.

Write permission is required on the sites/default directory. Drupal will prompt with the warning below.

A nice password reminder is now reminding users on their password strength.

Clean url which is a pain for some users of the previous drupal version is now detected and enabled.

After the above few steps in the installation, the default theme will be loaded.

The familiar administration page also have some new features.

Read continuation here.

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