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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Debian and Ubuntu

I learned Gnu/Linux by being brave enough to install redhat 6 on an amd k62 machine. I would later replaced it Mandrake back then. Mandrake will be on that machine for about three years. But while I was working with rpm-based distro my heart was really to learn Debian. I was attracted with its Debian Social Contract.

My first Debian install will be woody on a pentium 1 machine. It was a great. Enlightenment was the default desktop environment during those years. I would later work on a internet infrastructure company and my first full install of debian started. Until now it is debian on my desktop and during the first months of my first laptop.

Two months ago, during the release of feisty fawn, i tried installing it and was surprised with may automagic configuration. This is the start of my ubuntu adventure. Coming from debian, all debian knowledge is still available in ubuntu since it is debian-based.

But still i have Debian testing on servers i manage. Ubuntu is on my laptop and Debian on servers. there shouldnt be any conflict.

Anyways, a friend pointed me to this list of repositories for feisty.

deb feisty screenlets

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