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Friday, February 15, 2008

CPU's Human Rights Violation Documentation System featured in Linux Journal (March 2008)

May maikling write-up ang Linux Journal tungkol sa karapatan-monitor na isang documentation system para sa human rights violations na nilabas ng Computer Professionals' Union noong nakaraang 10 Dec 2007.

Bisitahin ang May bayad ang access sa Journal kaya inilagay namin ang write-up at screenshot sa cpu website.

ang proyekto ay matatagpuan sa

ang demo site ay matatagpuan naman sa

CPU's Human Rights Violations Documentation System featured in Linux Journal (March 2008)

Below is James Gray's short write-up for the Linux Journal's New Products section on Karapatan-Monitor.

Linux Journal is the premiere magazine covering the Linux community. It is the leading media brand of the Linux and Open Source markets. Karapatan-Monitor is a documentation system created for human rights workers. It is currently in active development.


Computer Professionals' Union Karapatan-Monitor

Here's some irony for you. On one hand, Google stifles human rights by censoring Google China for the authoritarian Chinese regime. At the same time, Google Code hosts an antidote, a new human-rights monitoring program, called Karapatan-Monitor. Created and maintained by the Computer Professionals' Union in the Philippines, the open-source Karapatan-Monitor records incidents of human-rights violations and allows for classification of violations, perpetrators and victim status. Specific victim updates (for example, court cases and file attachments) also can be recorded. Now, the question remains, “Dear Google, can those who need Karapatan-Monitor most, such as our Chinese brothers and sisters, even access it?”


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