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Monday, July 14, 2008

What you missed on Drupal Code Sprint Manila

On 13 July 2008, DL, Joram, Jo, Marc, rbahaguejr, ganni, j francisco, and chris joined the Drupal Code Sprint Manila. The Code sprint aimed to create sites for two non-profit organizations. The Computer Professionals Union arranged the Kubo and coordinated with a number of non-profit organizations for the one-day activity. is providing the drupal webhosting for the outputs of the code sprint.

The Team started early. Before 10am, Jo was already on the venue. All the others arrived a few minutes after. We had internet connection provided by the Center for Environmental Concerns.

A subversion server, apache web server and MySQL database server were used during the code sprint. The participants formed two smaller groups. rbahaguejr, DL, ganni and Jo created the site for the Asian Peasant Coalition while marc, chris and joram joined to create Kodao Productions' portal.

The Asian Peasan Coalition (APC) according to their presentation is a:

"APC is an Asia-wide peasant coalition of farmers, landless peasants, fisherfolks, , agricultural workers, dalit, indigenous peoples, harders and pasturalists, including the women and youth across this sectors.

APC is an independent organization that shall not be subordinate to any international network, political parties, NGOs, government or religious bodies. It shall strive to achieve democracy and gender equality in all spheres of activities and decision making of the coalition. All member organizations maintain their independence and initiatives in the achievement of their aims and objectives." [1]

Kodao Productions (Kodao) hopes:

"... to bear witness to the Filipino people's struggle for justice and genuine democracy. By creating and distributing video and audio materials, we project and reproduce the people's experiences and ideas, forward their cause, and celebrate their victories." [2]

On the next code sprint you should join us. has posted the Code Sprint outputs for Kodao and APC.

[1] Presentation during the Drupal Code Sprint

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